Ring size guide

How to measure your ring size?

if you already own a ring or have managed to obtain one from the person that you are buying the ring for, simply measure the inside diameter of the ring and match the size to the chart. If you don't have a ring, measure the intended ring finger circumference and match the measurement to the chart.

Please note that we use the EU SIZE for our product descriptions. If you already know what is your US SIZE, match the size to the chart.


tips for measuring your ring size

  1. If using a ring to measure, ensure that you select a ring that fits the intended ring finger.
  2. If measuring a finger, measure towards the end of the day when the finger is warm. 
  3. Rings that have a thicker band feel tighter than those that have a thinner band. If buying a thicker band, look to buy a full ring size bigger to allow room for movement.